Greg Wolk

Greg Wolk


Greg Wolk has practiced as a trial attorney protecting individual employee rights since 2002.  Prior to becoming an attorney, Mr. Wolk attended the London School of Economics and Political Science and the University of Washington School of Law where he earned his juris doctorate.

In 2002, Greg began representing whistleblowers. He developed a passion for defending whistleblower rights and, besides successfully arguing before trial and appellate judges, he began advocating for legal reforms in Washington State and nationally.

In 2005, he expanded his practice to represent employees in other areas of employment law, including those suffering from unlawful discrimination, harassment and wage violations. He has conducted numerous trials and hearings, as well as appeals, on behalf of employees that have vindicated their rights. In addition, he has litigated scores if not hundreds of employment cases to settlement. He has litigated class actions. He has presented at and co-authored materials to educate lawyers and legal professionals on employee rights. He has been recognized multiple times as either a Rising Star or Superlawyer in the Washington Law & Politics Journal.

Greg works hard with Hardeep to be great employment attorneys. Initially, they primarily listen to their clients. They ask a lot of questions. They want to understand what clients want out of the legal process so that they can best represent your interests.

For most if not all of their clients, being a plaintiff in a lawsuit is beyond intense: it is life-altering. Greg and Hardeep try to make the process as understandable and empowering as possible. They want you to know you are heard and your wishes are acted upon.

Critically, they do not see their clients as a revenue stream. Instead, they see their clients as partners. They understand that they can only represent their clients well to the extent that they really understand what the clients want.

This is why they choose to only represent a select few clients at a time. It may not be the best financial model for a business but it allows them to be the best attorneys possible.

By the time a client walks in the door, he or she feels disrespected and taken advantage of. They have been treated poorly and most of them are financially vulnerable.

It is in their best interest to understand what is going on and to feel empowered. It is critical to have an advocate who listens and understands what you want. Greg and Hardeep’s clients’ interests are best understood and communicated when they continue to have access to information and feel empowered to achieve uncommon results.

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Greg Wolk
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