Paizo Inc. – Unpaid Wages and Overtime to “Volunteer” Employees


King County Superior Court – Case No. 17-2-04239-1 SEA

Rekhi and Wolk, P.S. pursued a class action lawsuit against Paizo Inc., Paizo Publishing, Lisa Stevens, and Victor Wertz (“Paizo”) for denying wages to “volunteer” employees.  Paizo creates and promotes fantasy roleplaying games. To promote their products, Paizo organized game nights at local game stores and conventions, including GenCon and PaizoCon. Paizo employs Venture-Captains, Venture-Lieutenants, Venture-Agents, and Game Masters, among others, to perform various tasks on behalf of the company. For instance, Venture-Lieutenants attend mandatory meetings, represent Paizo at events, and answer questions by potential and current customers. Plaintiff alleged that Paizo deliberately failed to pay these employees their earned wages and overtime compensation.

Case Status

This case was filed on February 22, 2017.

This case has been resolved.

Case Contact Information

Phone: 206.388.5887
Email: [email protected]

Class Counsel:

Rekhi & Wolk, P.S.
Hardeep Rekhi
Greg Wolk

Class Documents

Class Action Complaint

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