Best Parking Lot Cleaning Inc. – Employee Wage and Hour Violations


King County Superior Court – Case No. 17-2-27730-4 KNT

About this Case

Rekhi & Wolk, P.S. is pursuing a wage and hour class action lawsuit against Defendant Best Parking Lot Cleaning Inc. (“BPLC”) for allegedly failing to pay wages to its drivers. The allegations include that:

  • Drivers were not paid for all hours that they worked.
  • Drivers were not paid at the correct prevailing wage.
  • Drivers were not paid for all hours upon public projects at the prevailing wage rate.
  • Drivers were not paid overtime correctly and that BPLC obtained “4 x 10 Agreements” that do not comply with the law.
  • BPLC failed to provide proper meal and rest breaks, as required by law.

Read our blog post to learn more about your rights to rest breaks in Washington State.

The class is defined as: “All drivers who have worked as non-exempt drivers for Defendant in Washington during the statutory time period.”

Case Status

This case was filed on October, 24 2017.

The Court granted Plaintiff’s Motion for Class Certification on December 19, 2018.

The Class Notice Administrator sent notice to all class members on February 28, 2019.

On April 5, 2019, the Court issued an ORDER prohibiting Best Parking Lot Cleaning and its lawyers from contacting class members about this lawsuit. The Court found:

Defendants have engaged in conduct designed to prevent potential Class members from communicating with Plaintiffs counsel or otherwise participating in this action. Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, Defendant Best Parking Lot Cleaning Inc. (“Best”), or someone acting in the interest of Best, provided misleading information to multiple employees, which may have caused them to sign false declarations against their interest and without sufficient information. Moreover, BPLC either directly or indirectly encouraged, solicited, or coerced class members to opt-out of the class litigation.

Evidence exists that Defendant’s inappropriate actions caused Defendant’s employees and other class members to opt out. Thus, an order preventing further improper communications and curing past transgressions is appropriate.

Class counsel are conducting additional discovery to determine whether opt outs submitted by class members were invalidly obtained.

Case Contact Information

Phone: 206.388.5887
Email: [email protected]

Class Counsel:

Rekhi & Wolk, P.S.
Hardeep Rekhi
Greg Wolk
Daniel Cairns

Case Documents

2018.11.26 Second Amended Complaint

2018.12.19 ORDER Granting Plt’s Mtn for Class Certification

2019.02.28 Best Parking Lot Class Notice

2019.04.05 ORDER Granting Plaintiff’s Mtn for Curative Relief Under CR 23(d)(2)-(3)

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